Beyond Services-Choice Matters Inc., provides customized services for individuals and families with developmental disabilities which also includes Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Beyond Services understand that everyone has their uniqueness and abilities; therefore, we focus on customizing each loved one’s strengths while enhancing his or capabilities. One-on-One support is available in the comfort of your home or within the community, building on existing programs and giving you choice and flexibility.

We are dedicated to improving your quality of life while respecting your unique needs. We give you the freedom to choose the services that best suit the abilities of your loved one and your family’s goals.


Beyond Services associates network consist of Behavioural Consultant, IBI Instructor Therapist, Child and Youth Worker, Developmental Service Worker, Social Service Worker, B,A.


What we offer:


One-on-One Support

One-on-one support is available in the comfort of your home or within the community.  Building on existing programs and giving you choice and flexibility.


Community Integration

Beyond Services believes in community integration and provides group
outings in and around the GTA. Each outing is designed to match each
client’s individual interests.


Life Skills Coaching

Life skills Coaching is designed to enhance your loved one’s personal
growth towards independence based on their needs and abilities.


Emergency/Crisis Intervention

This service is designed for individuals and families who need help immediately and need someone that can take care of their loved ones while they are away.  This service is also designed for crisis intervention.



Beyond Services support families living with disabilities who would love to see their loved ones go away for a dream vacation of their choice. Families who need to take a vacation, should feel comfortable knowing that they have capable and trusted individuals to support their loved ones while they are away. Programs and activities will continue base on the individual’s and family’s desires. Beyond Services is committed to making families and individuals dreams become a reality.


Parent’s Relief

We provide relief support for parents who need a day away, mental relief or date nights. Beyond Services is committed to doing fun activities with your loved ones while you are away. We will have customized programs that while you are away having fun, our creative team will also make your loved one’s time a memorable one.


Parental Coaching

Parental Coaching involves implementing strategies for parents who are experiencing behavioural difficulties with their child.  We equip you with the tools and techniques to assist you with parenting.  We are commited to proving you with the right strategies to simplify your life.

Drop-in club

The drop-in club program is designed to provide your loved one with a
sense of belonging and community. In the drop-in club, your loved one will
meet and socialize with friends and enjoy fun activities of their choice.