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What We Offer

Beyond Services believe in personalizing all programs based
on the needs of the individual making what really matters …CHOICE

Respite Support and Services

Community-based programs are a key component of our services. Community integration is an integral part of supporting people according to their interests. We facilitate, enhance, and explore meaningful activities within the community with support staff. We build on existing programs, implement person-centered activities, and make choices at the core of all programs.

Respite services include but are not limited to:
• Day, Evening, Weekend, and Overnight Respite Support
• March Break, Winter Break & Summer Respite Support
• Vacation / Holiday Respite Support

Peronalized Behavioral Support

Our services are designed for at-risk persons with behavioural support plans. We ensure that behavioural protocols are followed while enhancing a person’s quality of life. This service is also designed for crisis intervention.

Staffing Support for Social Services Agencies

We collaborate closely with your organization, offering supplemental staffing solutions to support persons navigating challenging circumstances.

We Support Kids, Youth, Adults and Families!


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